Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Something To Think About

In life we are presented with choices. The choice to help someone or just to walk away. The choice to be nice to someone or give them a dirty look. The choice to insult some one or turn the other cheek when they are being rude. The choice to be open minded and receptive of new people, or to shut them out. It's amazing the impact you can have on someone's day with a simple "Hello" a wave or even just a smile as you pass by. You never know what kind of day a stranger is having, and one kind acknowledgment could be all they needed to face their day with a smile.
So my challenge for you today is to wear a smile and pass it on, you never know how far a little kindness can go.


  1. i couldve used a whole lot of smiles in my walking through the halls at school today. some do, some don't. for every good person there 5 ass holes. i smile at everyone & people are still douch bags. lol its life.

  2. Well im sure you had a positive impact on the people you smiled at today, whether they acknowledge it or not. Thank you for being a good person and spreading the kindness even on a day where you could have used some. Here is a smile for you =) and remember tomorrows always a new chance to have a good day. =)

  3. I like the idea behind your blog. This is really insightful. A brilliant, and compassionate idea. World needs more people like you. Keep it up babe :)

  4. i came across your blog page today and loved it. this is a poem i used to hear alot when i was younger and the link is to a picture that always makes me smile when i see it. i hope this helps spread some smiles on your page =)

    Smiling is infectious
    You catch it like the flu
    When someone smiled at me today
    I started smiling too
    I walked around the corner
    And someone saw me grin
    When he smiled I realized
    I had passed it on to him
    I thought about the smile
    And then realized its worth
    A single smile like mine
    Could travel round the earth
    So if you feel a smile begin
    Don't leave it undetected
    Start an epidemic
    And get the world infected.

  5. thank you for shareing that poem, it is very catchy and the picture is adorable and deff. made me smile as i'm sure it will make many others smile as well =)