Monday, November 16, 2009

Time and Friendship

When you think about your life do you ever think "Why did I let that person go?" or "Why don't me and (enter friend name here) talk anymore?" It's amazing how as time passes and things change we seem to drift away from people we used to hold on the tightest to. Sometimes it's for the better, and some times it just is really for no reason at all. To often we let our lives drive us away from the most important people in it. We often have the mentality of out of sight out of mind. This often can be the breaking point of many friendships. Thats why often when people graduate high school and go their separate ways they tend to lose that close connection with the people they truly care about. People get too wrapped up in their new lives and often forget about the people who have had their back through everything. Often by the time we come to realize how important the people we lose are to us we feel it is to late to fix it. This is where everyone is wrong. It is never too late to reconnect with someone if you sincerely want the friendship to work. True care and love for a friend never dies. No matter how long you haven't talked it has no effect on those feelings. You will often wonder how they are doing and care about your friends well being and happiness. We all allow people to slip away, but it's never to late to catch them and bring them back close to our hearts.
On the other point of this, the friends that you have been able to hold on to through the years are the ones who not only know you best, but care about you the most. They will be the first to pick you up when you are down and to pull you down when your getting to high. Embrace these friends, because they are the ones you'll need in the end. Don't take advantage of them, or you risk losing one of lifes most precious gifts.

So my challenge for you today, is to reconnect with someone you've let get away. Just a simple hello and conversation to reopen the communication and start building up the friendship again. You'll see that they've missed you just as much as you've missed them.