Tuesday, November 17, 2009

We are All Living Miracles

I came across something today while I was browsing the net, and I'd like to share it with you. It really got me thinking "Wow people honestly don't know what kind of impact they can have on other peoples lives."

This really shows that we have no idea how we can save some ones life. A person so grateful to the other simply for staying up in a dorm bathroom with them, because for what ever reason they were feeling unimportant, and unloved. This simple act of kindness restored hope, and faith into someone resulting in her deciding not to take her own life. That right there is what a true miracle is. We all have miracles living inside of us, we just have to look deep within, and decide whose miracle we chose to be.
I want you to think about this image, and the next time you think that what you're going to do isn't going to make a difference, think again, and remember this story. It's the little acts of kindness that produce the greatest results.

Again it shows gratitude to another person who isn't even aware of the impact they had on another persons life.
This picture clearly shows how a bond between two people can motivate, and encourage someone to do the right thing, and make them so happy that their thoughts of hurting themselves become nothing but a figment of the past.
This also shows how a bond between two people can be so strong, loving, and fun. They shared everything and trusted each other with everything, and to them it means everything.

These last two demonstrate how people can be with us, beside us, taking care of us for our whole lives, and yet we can be completely oblivious to them, and their love. This mostly happens with friendships, you have the friend who takes care of everything makes everything ok, takes care of all the problems, and there is the friend who though loves the other to death doesn't always fully appreciate what they do, and doesn't always show their gratitude. These are just differences in personalities, because they both view the world differently, and respond to situations, and relations with others in different manners. But in the end their care, love, and support of one another is all the same. Still resulting in a solid life long friendship. 

So as you walk away from your computer, and out into the world try to appreciate all the people around you, because we all are going to need each other at one point or another.