Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Truth or Judgment

Sorry it has been a little while since I’ve posted something I’ve been a bit busy with school, and the holidays.

Today I’d like to talk about judgment. I want you to take a few seconds and think about how many times someone has walked passed you, and that within a matter of thirty seconds you have an opinion about who they are. It happens more often than we realize. Weather we base our judgments off of what other people say about this person; the way they dress; what race they are; or who they hang out with. We shouldn't let these things over power our overall judgment of the person, especially when we have not taken the time to truly get to know them. I do realize that they may be making the same assumptions about you, this is where allot of the time friendships are stunted before the even have a chance to begin. Both people are making snap judgments about each other before even speaking a word, already putting up a barrier which will make opening up, and being friendly more difficult. This is where you need to be the bigger person, put all your snap judgments aside, and be the engager in the friendly conversation. Open up, and be yourself. I guarantee the other will do the same in return. You will be surprised what you find out, and even more surprised about how much you may have in common. All you need to do is give others a chance. Don't make any judgments before they even have a chance to talk to you, and show you who they really are.

So my challenge for you today, is the next new person you see, or meet weather it is at school, work, at the mall, at a friend’s house, or anywhere my challenge is for you not to judge them. To speak with them having an open mind and a receptive heart be understanding, and willing to accept them with their flaws as well as their talent. We all have flaws no one is perfect. You just might become great friends; all you have to do is give them a chance.

Enter as strangers, leave as friends
                                              Strangers are just friends waiting to happen.
                 Time stands still at that glorious moment when you realize you've found a new friend.