Friday, November 13, 2009

We all have our bad days. The days were we just don't want to get out of bed, and the days when we're just like wtf why did this just happen to me. Sometimes we feel like these unfortunate things happen to us more than other people. In some cases it may be slightly true, but we all have our share of problems. The key to dealing with them is staying positive and seeing the best in the situation even if it doesn't necessarily out weigh the bad. With a positive attitude you are more likely to get positive results. Your attitude toward situations, also effects you attitude toward people. If you constantly have a pessimistic attitude about life and the curve balls it throws at you, it will soon start to emerge in your attitude directed at people and how you interact with them. You send of vibes and people don't want to be around negative vibes, because then it will bring them down. This is why people tend to attract to positive people because it's contagious. People want to be happy so they surround themselves with happy things, and people.
This some times can be difficult when you are extremely upset. For instance you lose a loved one, or something very traumatic happens to you. These bring on strong feelings of sorrow and depression. which is completely understandable. Except there are different ways to deal with your sorrow and feelings of loss. Though we may all "grieve in our own way" some ways have a better lasting effect on our relationships with others. For instance shutting others out of your life, especially when they are trying to help is not the way to go. I'm not saying you cant have your time to yourself to reflect and grieve in peace, but being alone 24-7 and repelling people is not helpful. If you let people in and allow them to take your mind off of your hurt and allow yourself to have a good time then you will heal better. Just because your happy doesn't mean you don't miss the person. Or that you've forgotten about them. They would want you to be happy.
So my challenge for you today, is to face your day whether it be good or bad with a positive attitude, and find the best out of every situation. Remember to be receptive of people and their attempts to bond, and be friendly. You'll be surprised who makes you feel happy, and seems to make all your troubles disappear.

                                                          Mommy (P.I.P),Me, Michele