Monday, June 21, 2010

Kiss A Few Frogs

Life can be funny sometimes. Some days it feels like everything is finally falling into place, and the next it can feel like it's falling apart all over again. The love you have for a person, and the love they have for you can lift you so high, give you wings, give you hope. Except just as easy as love can raise you up, when it is taken away you crash and burn twice as fast. The pain from feeling unloved is indescribable. That's why we fear taking that chance to show our feelings for someone, and hesitate to let them develop further. It's all in fear, the fear that the love won't be returned.

But if you never take the risk to see where things go you will never find the ultimate prize. Put yourself out there, and kiss a few frogs to find your prince/princess. It may hurt now, and it may seem like you'll never find love, but you will. When you do find love all of the pain, all of the heart ache will be worth it.

Rascal Flatts said it best; "God bless the broken road that lead me strait to you."
Life may seem tough sometimes and there will be days when love just won't seem worth it, but each thing that happens in your life, happens so you can be lead to your happiness. If everything was always perfect, and we didn't have some challenges and heart ache in our life then all the wonderful things wouldn't seem as wonderful.
Appreciate everything in your life, the good the bad, and the ugly they all had a hand in making you who you are today. Help instill the qualities that make you the person you have become. Appreciate the struggles you've over come in your life, and be proud of yourself for overcoming them. Also be respectful of others and their hardships, there is no need to go and make what they have to go through any more challenging.

My challenge for you today, is to think about things that you have overcome in your life things that you've accomplished. I want you to think about how they have changed you as a person. Did it make you stronger, more open, or perhaps more closed off? Think if it affected you in a positive way or a negative way. Just take some time to reflect on yourself, and your life.

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